Thermal Imaging

Flir Thermal Imaging Information

What Is Thermal Imaging?

Seeing Beyond the Visual

Also called Infrared imaging or Thermography

Thermal imaging is photography (either on film or digitally)

That captures the image based upon wavelengths of light that have a lower frequency than normal, visual light.

  • Detecting differences in Thermal Density
  • Water Infiltration
  • Excessive moisture in materials
  • Stud / Joist / Beam / Rafter placement and structure

Difference in Temperature

  • Insulation and insufficiency / unevenness
  • 'Hot' electrical panels, breakers, switches and wire connections
  • Heating / Cooling duct placement / insulation
  • Pipe location
  • Pest infestation
  • Energy Audit


  • Insufficient Insulation
  • Insulation 'slipping', compression, movement

Weather Striping

  • Doors, Storm Doors
  • Windows, Frames, Seals, Storm Windows, Caulking
  • Crawlspace and Attic Space


  • Ductwork Insulation
  • Duct Seals


Electric Panel
Electric radiant floor heat
Hot Switch
Leaking Ceiling
Leaking Shower Pan
Termite Trails in Walls
Water Damage
Water Damage

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